R.I.P Andrew 'Mac' McDermott


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Reply AItareDugtat
11:08 AM on August 11, 2018 
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Reply DG
3:39 PM on May 30, 2018 
Mac had to be one of, if not the best rock singers ever. I discovered Sargant Fury on Youtube last year. It was the song "Tomorrow" from the Little Fish album and his singing just captivated me. There's not too many songs that can do that. Mac sang with a passion that was awesome and special. May he RIP and may his family and friends live in peace.
Reply ALusiodsadviff
2:26 AM on February 18, 2018 
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Reply Erik Pettersson
6:27 PM on July 28, 2017 
Dear Mac! As a follower of Threshold's efforts, I truly found your vocals magnificent - if not to say brilliant! The albums you made together were a safe haven during a tough time in life while at university. I can't count the times your music were on, while trying to manage the next exam. May sound trivial, but as I look upon things, you made a strong case in convincing me there were something more than my medical studies. What if we would have met? I'm regretful to say I never caught you live in concert, though seing you on DVD. I wish I could have talked you into a different end! Whatever demons might have chased you, we could have fought the fight together! You not being here brings a tears to my eyes everytime I listen to Threshold. "Dead reckoning" is still a force to be reckoned with! Rest in peace Mac! I'm sure you sing the hell out of heaven! Consider me your friend. Rest in peace! /Erik P.S. Any family member who would like to discuss Mac on an adorable level are welcome to contact me. It would be interesting to hear what kind of person Mac were behind the mic. Salute! D.S.
Reply Mel Ricci
8:10 AM on December 30, 2016 
Well, I'm really sad. I got to know the band in 2007 to 2008...this morning I was listening to Believe by Elton John and at about 03:50 it has the same chords progression that Pilot in the sky of Dreams... So right away I wanted to listen to his marvelous voice...came here to read about him and he's gone. So sad. Hope his family, wife, kids....are fine. My feelings and thoughts are with you guys.
Thanks God we were blessed enough for having the chance of listening to his unique voice. He's in a resting place now surrounded by angels. And I'm pretty sure when he's allowed to he comes to watch, protect his family.

All the best,

Mel Ricci, from Brazil.
Reply Marco
7:02 AM on July 23, 2016 
Almost 5 years since Mac passed away but hes not forgotten. Just now Im listening to Threshold - Replica.
Reply Charles Beckman
1:47 AM on October 15, 2015 
What a fantastic voice! Sounds like Mac was a great person as well. Godspeed to you Mr. McDermott, and on to what's next!~
Reply Chris Yancik
10:35 PM on October 11, 2014 
I was instantly mesmerized by Mac's voice and fell in love with Threshold largely because of it. As sad as I was when he left the band, I had tremendous respect for the reasons behind what must have been a very difficult thing for him. It's a real shame that such a pure talent who sounded so amazing in his live performances could struggle financially while the lipsyncing bubblegum stars rake in cash by the truckload, but that is the world we live in today.
I know Mac will never be forgotten, as the many tributes on this site attest. My deepest condolences to his family and friends and also to his other fans.
Paul McCartney wrote an incredibly touching song about John Lennon, called Here Today, and I find the following lines say it all:
...And you were here today, for you were in my song.
(Now Playing: Clear from Critical Energy)
Reply Anders Ge.
10:29 PM on April 4, 2014 
First of all, sorry for my bad English, but it is important for me to leave a message on this page.

I found Andrew 'Mac' McDermott just today, listening Dead Reckoning by Treshold and I immediately fell in love with that album also for the incredible voice of McDermott, who did not I know existed before.
Always today I discovered that this fantastic singer is no longer with us.
My heart crying thinking that Andrew can no longer bring his art among us, but I thank God for giving us this artist also if for a short time, however I'm sure that now sings for Our Lord.
God bless you Andrew and thank you for the emotions that you have given us.
Reply Rustam
5:20 AM on February 22, 2014 
In loving memory of... The best singer!